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FedNet Provides End-to-End Production, Content and Streaming.

ohio-clockFedNet enables you to broadcast your message to a worldwide audience in an efficient, timely, cost effective manner. FedNet provides streaming services that enable live and on-demand Internet broadcasts of events to thousands of viewers and participants.

FedNet eliminates the need for your organization to invest in streaming technology, providing all of the audio/video production and streaming content from our multimedia servers. We provide blind links and embedding for your Website as if you and your team were producing the event yourselves. There are no special equipment needs, server or software requirements. FedNet does all the work.


FedNet crews capture the event and broadcast over the Internet as the event is taking place.  Access to the events are provided via the client through blind links and embeds.  All events are archived for a minimum of 30 days with the option of longer hosting periods.


FedNet crews capture and encode the event afterward for access via the client through blind links and embeds to FedNet’s (or third party) media servers.  Used for post-event broadcasts. All events are archived for a minimum of 30 days with the option of longer hosting periods.


Single Camera Production
Multi-Camera Switched Shoots
Live & Recorded News Events
Light / Audio Packages Available


FedNet can duplicate content from a single media into thousands. Call us at (202) 393-7300 for a consultation.


  • Broadcast quality on-site video production
  • Signal acquisition and transmission via satellite and IP
  • Multiple encoding feeds, data rates and formats
  • Encoding and Transcoding
  • Video-On-Demand for immediate and ongoing replay after event
  • Multimedia clip production
  • Customized Webcasts tailored to your needs